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If you get your digital marketing right then the rewards can sky rocket. If you get it wrong then your business can plumit downhill, that is why here at Sketch5 we are here to help you get results.

Analytics Configuration

Statistics are everything, information of what your market wants and how well you are creating traffic is everywhere. That is a lot to take in, so let Sketch5 provide you with system that makes it all make sense


Pay Per Click is a cost efficient way of getting your advertising out in the digital world. You pay an amount per client click, not only that but you can control how much you pay and change that any time.

Funnel Creation

Marketing funnels are a way of helping develop your company name and build trust. By simply providing some free content in exchange for potential leads and conversions. An art that Sketch5 is known for.

SEO Services in Birmingham

We combine algorithm expertise, eye catching content and strong links that provide you with the power to ride to the top of search results. Keeping you there and expanding your brand!

Youth Marketing

The trends of day are always changing, the younger generation crave content and they want it in a way that connects with them. So let us make sure you do your campaign right!

Website Conversions

A website in the digital world is the face of a company. With the right design and thought into user experience, conversions change dramatically. Provide the best UX around and generate some interest.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the biggest ways to reach your audience and building a client list is key. Sketch5 has the knowledge to make the perfect list to get the best leads and great results.

Video Marketing

Videos can pack so much information and emotion into one place, it does not have to be long to spark interest. All you need is a message and with sketch5 we will make sure you get it across.

Content Marketing

Content is key! It is what users want to see and come for. Taking the right steps is crucial to digital marketing, the best content is going to generate interest and keep people hooked!

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6 Social Media Marketing MISTAKES to Avoid

Dont Fall for the Social Media Trap
Be informed, know these top 6 common mistakes

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Companies without a social media strategy can never deliver an effective message to their audience. To execute a successful social media marketing plan, a strategy must be in place.
Among these strategies include having a distinct social media voice, conceptualizing measurable goals, developing a policy for social media, and planning a social media calender.
Posting blindly will get your brand nowhere. Set a clear social media strategy and you could be well on your way to having the best and most engaging content on the web.
Many businesses create accounts on a number of social media channels at once despite their inability to post quality content to engage their followers and prospects.
One moment they are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, the next thing you know they've abandoned the platforms altogether.
Any social media account with a couple of posts from months or years back only implores on your prospects that you are disorganized.
Keep the focus of your social media strategy narrow, then simply branch out from that point on where you are sure you can offer quality and relevant content for each channel regularly.
While millions of followers, likes, and fans would help leverage a business prominence and validate its social proof, it won't help with increased ROI nor will it improve user engagement if it's spam or fake.
Recently, Instagram had deleted millions of accounts to prevent its users from paying to gain more followers. Overnight, many celebrities and prominent personalities and businesses had lost tons of followers.
The key here is to aim to build genuine consumer relationships rather than focusing on numbers.
Sharing the work of others is totally fine, especially if you know it will be useful to your followers. Reshare or re-tweet someone's post.
Let your audience know you're willing to communicate and reach out, and they'll be more than happy to participate in your activities and even share ideas of their own that can help elevate your brand..
There is no doubt that the use of hashtags on social media platforms can immensely help businesses to become more visible.
To combat this limit your hashtag usage to a considerable and sensible number, and make sure they are relevant to what you are trying to convey on your post.
Posting one content after the other within minutes or even hours is a good strategy... If you are aiming to shun or turn off your followers and prospects.
As much as possible, strive to share posts consistently and regularly. Create a posting schedule and make use of online scheduling tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to space out your posts and avoid overwhelming and spamming your followers.


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Do you want to improve the online visibility of your brand and drive more relevant traffic to your website?


Sketch 5 can help you go from a small website in the sea of the internet, to a major talking point in your industry with the power of digital marketing and SEO.

We pride ourselves on getting our clients to the top of search engines and generating conversions. With the digital world constantly growing, the methods that work change as well. But we have been in the industry for many years and learning as we go. Using that, we aim to drive a higher quality of marketing everyday.

Our view is to bring cost effective, powerful and productive digital marketing to local businesses. The idea that you have to be a major company to reach the top of a search engine is not true. All you need is the right digital marketing strategy. With a simple click you can have your site checked to see where you can improve. Get in touch and start boosting your conversion rate today!

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